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Funding Against Bank Instruments .

We arrange funding for Projects &  Bank Instrument Funding.Funding arranged against Bank Instruments Like

Bank Guarantee ( BG )

Stand By Letter of Credit ( SBLC )

Safe Keeping Receipt ( SKR )

Certificate of Deposit ( CD )

Post Dated Check with Bank Confirmation

Time Draft

Promissory Notes

Medium Term Notes ( MTN )


BG issued from Central Bank of a Country

Asset Based Funding ( Gem Stones, Gold Mines, Gold Certificates...) 

 And any Kind of Bank Instrument That can be sent via Swift System.

Contact with Following Documents

1.Copy of Bank Instrument

2.Request Letter

3.Passport Copy

4.All Contact Information



We arrange Following Bank Instruments

Letter of Credit ( LC)

   From Various Banks in Singapore / HongKong / Europe /USA

   Used For Import / Export  Business and Trade Finance .


Bank Guarantee ( BG )

   Fresh Cut

   Slightly Seasoned


Stand By Letter of Credit  ( SBLC )

   90DAYS / 180/ 365DAYS


We can issue from Top banks and Good  rated Banks. Based on Your requirement we can issue the Instruments.

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Trade Programme / PPP


Trade Programme exists against acceptable Bank Instruments Like


with or without  SWIFT MT760/ MT799

More Information mail me.

Establish Credit Line against your BG / SBLC

We can Establish Credit Line against Your BG / SBLC with Prime Bank.

more info mail me.